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Cedar ShakesCedar Shake SidingCedar Shake ShinglesCedar Roofing | We offer the best Cedar Roofing products in the market, easy installation – factory finishing – resquared and rebutted cedar siding – weathering stained – white cedar siding products – The best Cedar products for your next job site – shingle and shake Siding – semi transparent stains – best real cedar products in USA – shake siding – eastern white cedar shingleswestern red cedar – shingle panelkiln dried – red label pre stained shingles.

Cedar ShakesPrestained Cedar SidingCedar Shingles Siding – Cedar Shake Siding – Cedar Roofing – Direct Cedar Supplies is a Canada’s leading distributor of Prefinished Cedar Shingles, Cedar Siding & Cedar Panels delivery throughout Canada and the United States located in Abbotsford, BC. Call us or drop by today!

Cedar Shake Shingles

Western Red Cedar Shingles – Prefinished Shingles – Alaskan Yellow Cedar – Cedar Shakes Siding – Wood Shingles Siding | Buy Premium Quality Prestained cedar Shingles, Cedar Shingles, Cedar shakes siding, Wood Shingles Siding, Wood Shakes, Shingle Panels and Cedar Roofing Products at Mill Direct Prices. Get the Direct Advantage! Unlimited selection including custom cut products. Toll Free: 1-877-850-1767.

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Cedar Shakes


Cedar Shakes - Cedar Shake Siding - Cedar Shingles Siding - Cedar Roofing


Direct Cedar Supplies has got to be the best company in North America! I spent a ton of time researching various companies for roofing supplies, and this company stood head and shoulders above all others combined. Paul Wilson was extremely personal and totally professional—and it didn't hurt that Direct Cedar's

Raymond Trembath

Rated 5 out of 5
My roofer didn't want to deal with buying the material because I wanted to replace my cedar shakes with cedar shakes again. I researched a lot of companies and talked to a lot of sales people some knew a little but not enough until I talked to Paul Wilson

Larry K Whittaker

Rated 5 out of 5
I have ordered a few siding jobs through Direct Cedar and have had no issues. They are very responsive and the product they sell is very good. Paul is super easy to work with, and all around I would highly recommend them.


Rated 5 out of 5
Great service with a helpful smile. Under budget.... Yes !! there is such a thing after all. It actually looks better then I expected and I guess I'm looking foward to see it go silver over time , like fine wine it should look even better over time. Thanks again , keep up

Fred Leong

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Good day! Thank you for stopping by. Direct Cedar Supplies is a proud supplier of shakes and shingles for roofing and siding in Western Red, Eastern White and Alaskan Yellow Cedar.

Cedar Shakes, Cedar Siding Shingles, Cedar Shakes Shingles, Cedar Shakes Siding

We specialize in cutting out any middle men and delivering your product Direct from the mill straight to your business or job site. We also ship anywhere overseas. We are your eyes and ears on the ground in the shake and shingle industry. With relationships we have fostered over 20+ years in business, and with second to none shipping rates, we can get you the product that fits your needs, with the highest quality at the sharpest price. Give us a call today at 1-877-850-1767 with any questions or for a quick quote!

Western Red Cedar Shingles

A Certi-Sawn red cedar shake is sawn both faces and offer a more smooth and uniform look. Western red cedar shingles are a natural, luxurious, and a low carbon footprint roofing product that has been used as a durable roofing material for over a century. Don’t settle for imitation. Make the authentic choice!

Cedar Siding Shingles

Western Red Cedar siding shingles are most commonly available in the products and grades listed below. Browse these options below or in the menu box above left on this page. You will find a wealth of detail on each product page.

Siding Shingles (R&R)

  • Siding Shingles
  • Eastern White Cedar R&R
  • Alaskan Yellow Cedar R&R
  • Western Red Cedar R&R

Hand-Split Shakes

  • Western Cedar Hand Split & Resawn Shakes
  • Alaskan Yellow Cedar Hand-Split & Resawn Shakes

Roofing Shingles

  • Roofing Shingles
  • Western Red Cedar Shingles
  • Alaskan Yellow Cedar Roofing Shingles

Tapersawn Shakes

  • Tapersawn Shakes
  • Western Red Cedar Tapersawn Shakes
  • Alaskan Yellow Cedar Tapersawn Shakes

Cedar Shake Siding Cost in 2020

Western Red Cedar trees are well known for their great heights, huge trunk diameters and in turn being decay resistant. All this makes for one of the more durable home siding options with unmatched natural beauty.

Besides Western Red Cedar, Northern White Cedar provides the lumber that are transformed, by sawmills, into shake. It used to be shakes were axe cut by hand and shingles were the lumber that went the route of saw mill cutting. Not anymore. For the most part, all cedar shakes are produced using power equipment.

Much of milling is concerned with grade of wood, where knots and blemishes come into play. Clear grades are considered premium.

For the most part, all shake siding makes use of clear grade. Though if going with a double layer on the home, a lesser grade may be used underneath, as it presumably has no exposure.

You can expect to pay more for Royal lengths, while realizing you’ll need more of Perfection cuts to cover the same area.

The two major factors that drive style for shake are the color and bottom edge, also known as butt-end, appearance.

Color comes primarily from type of tree, so light (from white cedar) or dark (from red cedar). The thickness, along with other design patterns, comes from the way it is cut.

Another distinction between shingles and shake is the thickness of the lower edge. Usually for shingle it stays uniform at 3/8th an inch. With shake, it ranges from half an inch to 7/8ths. Hand-split shake pieces would sometimes exceed thicknesses of 1 inch.

The most common variation of cedar shake appears as all flat bottom edges, which produces well defined horizontal lines.

Staggered patterns characteristically go away from this uniform approach. They always appear as bottom edges that don’t align. And routinely have widths that are not exactly the same as shakes that surround it.

Then comes the variations with the bottom edge. Again, straight across, or square, is the most common.

But, the options include round, fish scale, pointed, diagonal, octagonal and arrow. These fancy cuts usually mean a higher price for the material, but buying in bulk is the way to keep costs down.

Finally, there is staining, or painting the shake material. Clear stains retain the natural beauty, while adding protective coating to ward of insects or make the material more resistant to fire.

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