Tapersawn Shakes

Western Red Cedar Tapersawn Shakes

Red Cedar Tapersawn Shakes

Western Red Cedar Shakes

Western Red Cedar Tapersawn Shakes | Western Red Cedar Tapersawn Shakes are sawn on both sides giving it a look similar to a sawn shingle but with a thicker appearance, Tapersawn Shakes are known for their smooth uniform imposing look providing an exceptional looking roof.
Western Red Cedar Tapersawn Shakes

Certi-label Shakes Certi-label Shake Application A solid deck is recommended in seismic activity, hurricane and tornado regions and in areas where wind-driven snow is encountered. Roofing felt system interlay between the shake courses is required whether the sheathing is spaced or solid.

The felt interlay acts as a baffle that prevents wind-driven snow or other foreign material from entering the attic cavity during extreme weather conditions. The felt interlays also increase the roof’s insulation value. The felt interlay system forces water to the surface. If the spaced sheathing is used in shake application, the sheathing is usually 1 x 6 boards spaced on centers equal to the weather exposure, (Table 4, Page 20) at which the shakes are to be laid – but never more than 7 ½” for 18” shakes and 10” for 24” shakes on roof installations.

When 1 x 4 spaced sheathing is installed at 10″ on center, additional 1 x 4 boards must be installed (i.e. maximum allowable spacing is approximately 3 1/2″ measured from edge to edge between the sheathing boards). Please note that the only solid sheet sheathing tested with Certilabel™ shakes & shingles is plywood. Check with your local building official for plywood thickness/dimensions. Special care should be taken when installing the felt interlays over the spaced sheathing to ensure that an effective baffle is formed (Figure 1).

The felt should be applied over the top portion of the shakes and extend on to the spaced sheathing so that the bottom edge of the felt is positioned at a distance above the butt equal to twice the weather exposure.

Western Red Cedar Tapersawn Shakes

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