Roofing Material

STEP 1 – Calculate the roof area and select product

Use blueprints or physically measure the area to be covered with cedar shingles or shakes. Be sure to account for waste – usually 10% for simple roofs and walls, more for complex roofs with many hips and valleys may require more. Use the “coverage tables” link to determine how many square will cover the area calculated. Consider exposure and type of Shake or Shingle.

For help contact our sales department @ 1-877-850-1767

STEP 2 – Calculate the eave line lineal measure

The first row of shingles or shakes at the eave line must be doubled, (or tripled). Make sure you account for that. Use the length of the eave line, divided by the lineal content of ridge cap per bundle to calculate how many bundles are needed. (The lineal content per bundle is listed in the grading rules for each product. Click on the link to the left) A lower grade product can be used here to reduce some cost, however it is common to use the same grade and type of product used on the rest of the roof.

Example – A #1 Grade 18″ Perfection shingle roof with 140 lineal feet of eave line will require about 3 extra bundles of 18″ shingles to add the double course row (under coursing) for the first row of shingles at the eave line. One bundle of 18″ shingles contains 635 lineal inches = 52.90 ft. Therefore – 140 ft. eave line divided by 52.9 ft. per bundle = 2.65 bundles.

STEP 3 – Calculate the hip & ridge lineal measure

Measure the length of hip and ridge on your roof. This will tell you how many bundles of Pre-made Hip & Ridge Cap units you will need. Each product description lists the number of pieces per bundle and the lineal content based on the recommended exposure. Use this lineal content per bundle to calculate how many bundles you need.

Example – A #1 Grade 18″ Perfection shingle roof with 120 lineal feet of hip & ridge line will need 8 bundles of matching pre-made hip & ridge cap units. One bundle of #1 18″ shingle ridge cap contains 16.5 lineal feet when applied at the 5-1/2″ recommended exposure. Therefore, a roof with 120 lineal feet of hip and ridge line will need 120 ft. divided by 16.5 lin. ft. per bundle = 7.3 bundles. (7.3 bundles / 4 bundle sq = 1.825 square, Customer orders 2 square).

STEP 4 – Choose material type

If you have not already decided on which product to use, browse through The Direct Cedar Supplies store to select from our extensive catalog for shingles and shakes.

Choose from shakes or shingles for roof applications, R&R or Fancy but for sidewall applications. To help you decide click the link “Shake vs. Shingles, read the product descriptions or call us toll free @ 1-877-80-1767 for more information.

STEP 5 – Choose Treatment Option(s)

All cedar shingle and shingle products can be pressure impregnated with CCA Preservative or Fire Retardant treatments prior to shipment. This is the best way to protect your new roof to the highest specifications in the industry. We can also Kiln Dry shingles and shakes prior to shipment. Find out more at the link “Treatments Explained”.

STEP 6 – Enter the store, add desired items to your shopping cart

STEP 7 – Proceed to checkout, review order and submit

Double check your order before submitting to ensure you have ordered the correct material

STEP 8 – Wait for shipping quote – Do Not Pay without knowing shipping costs!

Direct Cedar Supplies will e-mail you a shipping quote within 24hrs of receiving your order. Your order will not be transacted until we have received acceptance by e-mail of the shipping charges.

STEP 9 – Payment and shipment

Direct Cedar Supplies online accepts credit card and bank transfers through Stripe only. Follow the instructions in the checkout process.

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