Premium Quality Cedar Shake & Cedar Shingle Products

Buy Premium Quality Cedar Shake and Cedar Shingle Products at Mill Direct Prices.Get the Direct Advantage! Unlimited selection including custom cut products.


We offer a full range of Cedar Roofing & Siding products for whatever your project requires. Give us a call today to find out more.

Call Direct Cedar Supplies today for a no-hassle quote!! We ship Direct from the mill to your job site or business!!

Toll Free: 1-877-850-1767

Siding Shingles cedar shingle - e87612ee siding shingles - Products
cedar shingle - 1bfa47b2 shingle panels - Products
Roofing Shingles cedar shingle - 834bd950 roofing shingles - Products
Hand Split Shakes cedar shingle - f3fa6326 hand split shakes - Products
Tapersawn Shakes cedar shingle - 93ad0372 tapersawn shakes 1 - Products
Custom Cut Cedar Shakes and Shingles cedar shingle - 67cf4a90 custom cut shake shingles - Products
RIDGE CAP UNITS cedar shingle - 365668c7 ridge cap units - Products
STAINLESS-STEEL-FASTENERS cedar shingle - 1557810d stainless steel fasteners - Products
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