Our Eastern White Cedar shingles are produced by master craftsmen with over 40 years of experience. These Re-butted & Re-jointed shingles are perfect for your sidewall application and come with a 40 year Warranty against decay. The shingles are available both natural or with a selection of Olympic® Factory Finishes.

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These shingles are not currently available in New YorkNew JerseyRhode IslandConnecticut, Maine or Massachusetts.

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Looking to add a customized touch to your interior or exterior siding project?  Our Victorian series shingles are available in 9 unique patterns, that when installed individually or in combination provide a unique, charming accent to any siding project.  These shingles are all cut to a uniform 5” width from Grade A Extra, Kiln Dried R&R shingles.  Each box contains 144 shingles and covers 25 sq/ft, when using a 5” exposure between courses.   We are pleased to offer the following 9 patterns

White Cedar Shingles- Arrow Shape eastern white cedar shingles - ArrowShingle - EASTERN WHITE CEDAR R&Reastern white cedar shingles - DiagonalShingle - EASTERN WHITE CEDAR R&RWhite Cedar Shingles- Diamond Shape eastern white cedar shingles - DiamondShingle - EASTERN WHITE CEDAR R&RWhite Cedar Shingles- Fish Shape eastern white cedar shingles - FishScaleShingle - EASTERN WHITE CEDAR R&RWhite Cedar Shingles- Half Cove Shape eastern white cedar shingles - HalfCove Shingle - EASTERN WHITE CEDAR R&RWhite Cedar Shingles- Hexagon Shape eastern white cedar shingles - HexagonShingle - EASTERN WHITE CEDAR R&RWhite Cedar Shingles- Octagon Shape eastern white cedar shingles - OctagonShingle - EASTERN WHITE CEDAR R&RWhite Cedar Shingles- Round Shape eastern white cedar shingles - RoundShingle - EASTERN WHITE CEDAR R&RWhite Cedar Shingles- Square Shape eastern white cedar shingles - SquareShingle - EASTERN WHITE CEDAR R&R




 Fish Scale

 Half Cove





Factory Finished Shingles

All of Direct Cedar Supplies’ Eastern White Cedar Prefinished shingles are kiln dried prior to finishing, and then carefully packaged once finished so that the product you receive is clean, fresh and ready for install.   We use the highest quality stains and finishes produced by Olympic®, a leader in architectural finishes.   Call us today for more information

Pre-Finish Options:

Bleaching Oil or Weathering Stain –  For customers that don’t want to wait for nature to take it’s course, our Bleaching Oil and Weathering Stain finishes give the shingles a uniform, consistent, naturally weathered look that will blend in over time beautifully to maintain the silver-grey color that makes Eastern White Cedar so popular.  The linseed oil formula penetrates deep into the grain to strengthen and condition wood fibres and helps to prevent unsightly mildew growth

Semi-Transparent Stain – When you want to maintain the natural grain and textured appearance of a cedar shingle, but want your own personal touch on the color, a Semi-Transparent finish is the way to go.   Our Olympic® Semi-Transparent Stain is available in any color under the rainbow.  We can also color match anything you may have encountered that you like.

Solid Stain –  For those customers that want extra coverage, a more uniform color, and less maintenance over time, we offer both 1 Coat and 2 Coat Solid Finishes.  These are available in either one of our 5 stock colors (more readily available), or in any custom color of your choice.

New Max Sealer® Stain – The ultimate in Semi-Transparent stains.  This new product has advanced defenses against harmful UV rays, Olympic’s Scuff Guard® technology, superior mildew resistance, and most importantly, an extended color life.   This stain is the only factory finish on the market that is guaranteed to prevent water damage and graying for a minimum of 8 years on siding shingles.

Benefits of Our Factory Finished Shingles:

  • Most cost effective way of coating all 5 sides of your shingles
  • Adds immediate protection and distinction to your siding
  • Our coatings are backed by Olympic®, an industry leader in architectural finishes
  • Reduces the need for regular maintenance
  • 12 year stain Warranty available on Semi-Transparent finishes
  • 15 year stain Warranty for 1 Coat Solid and 25 year stain Warranty for 2 Coat Solid finishes
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