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Western Red Cedar Shingles
Western red cedar shingles are a natural, luxurious, and a low carbon footprint roofing product that has … To learn how to install a Cedar Shingle Roof.
The 18” Perfection Cedar shingle is one of our most popular products, and an excellent choice for all-weather use. Keep reading to learn more, or use the form on this page to request your free quote.
As a result, the 18in Perfections are the shingle we recommend most for use in the Northeastern US and Canada, as well as other more temperate regions. 18” Perfection shingles are Certigrade™ Number 1 grade, Blue Label® certified. They are made of defect-free, 100% edge grain clear heartwood. Western Red Cedar is standard, though we also offer our products in Alaskan Yellow and Eastern White varieties. All wood types make an excellent choice for siding and for roofs with a 3:12 pitch or steeper.

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