24″ x 3/4″ Natural Handsplit Resawn Shake

Natural Handsplit Resawn Cedar Shake

Handsplit Resawn Cedar Shakes

24″ x 3/4″ Natural Handsplit Resawn | Handsplit and resawn cedar shakes are a popular choice, especially if you want while the faces of the Shake.

A rustic character with a country appeal. Split and then re-sawn cedar shakes are sawn on the backside while the faces of the Shake are split along the natural grain of the wood. This process gives the cedar wood a highly textured surface and looks great on chalets, modern country villas, or a ocean-side retreat. Popular products in this grade are Heavy and Medium Shakes which are thicker and heavier than any number of other grades of shingles, giving the roof a very rugged or rustic appearance.

24" x 3/4" Natural Handsplit Resawn Shake

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