Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau: The Rules and the Secret to the Labels

The Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau (CSSB) is a nonprofit organization that oversees the inspection of western red cedar, Alaska yellow-cedar , and redwood shakes and shingles. The CSSB publishes quality standards (grade rules) and ensures that the member mills producing shakes and shingles meet these standards through periodical third-party inspection.

Shakes and shingles with CSSB designations have been inspected to meet grade standards. A grade stamp/label (with color code for the grade) is placed on each bundle or carton of shakes or shingles and clearly shows the grade. The label contains other information such as wood species, certifying agency, building code standards, and manufacturer. This “Certi” label assures the consumer that the shake and shingle manufacturer is adhering to grading rules as prescribed by building codes.