Western Red Cedar Shingles

You take great pride in your home, and keeping both the outside and inside looking beautiful is something you strive to attain. Maintaining your home can be time-consuming, but the result of doing so is worth your time and hard work. Completing home improvement projects can give your house a complete makeover, improve its condition, and even add to the resale value.

There are many ways to give your home a facelift, whether it’s through new paint, beautiful landscaping, or exciting and fun projects that both restore and revitalize. As you look for ideas and consider the options for updating and improving your home, take a look at your home’s existing siding. Changing or updating this part of your house has an enormous impact on your curb appeal and property value.

Does your siding have any damage, or is it old and needing to be replaced? Do you feel like your current siding doesn’t hold up like it should to the elements and wear and tear? If you are considering replacing your home’s siding, Direct Cedar Supplies can help you select the product you need for your home and install it with expertise and quality workmanship.

New siding can improve the look of the exterior of your home and increase the property value. Depending on what type of home siding option you select, you may also save money on repairs and maintenance. If you’ve been exploring the possibility of replacing your house’s siding, you’ve likely thought about shakes. Shake siding adds a unique and distinctive look to your home and is a popular choice. Take a look at some of the pros and cons of different types of shake siding.