Machine Grooved WRC With Clear Stain

There are many benefits to cedar roofs. Not only do cedar roofs look beautiful and are one of the greenest roofing products available, cedar roofs can also last a long time due to its extraordinary natural properties.

Advantages of Cedar Roofing

Machine Grooved WRC With Clear StainCedar roofs have proven itself in extreme weather situations, including heavy snow and hail storms. Even hail depressions will recover without affecting the service life of the roof thanks to the natural resiliency of the wood fibers.

Cedar Roofing & Cedar Shingle Repair and Installation

Cedar roofing and shingles are also extremely resistant to heavy winds. Cedar roofs have withstood wind tests in excess of 130 miles per hour without any damage. This same strength helps insulate your home, preventing the loss of cold air in the summer and the loss of hot air in the winter.

Under optimal conditions, cedar roofing can last from between 20 to 50 years. Cedar wood also contains natural oils that prevent rot. Further, cedar roofing leaves more airflow around the shingles, preventing mold growth.

Aside from being environmentally-friendly, Cedar roofing has an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio with little movement due to changes in moisture content or temperature. It is highly resistant to rain and keeps its beauty and protective qualities with little to no maintenance.