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Three Benefits to having a Cedar Siding Shingle

Homeowners want the best of both worlds: beauty and functionality. And although these can sometimes feel like two disparate values, Direct Cedar Supplies is proud to offer our customers materials that accomplish both objectives. When you install cedar shingles, you can also count on receiving sustainable benefits that will pay off for decades to come.

Guaranteed Curb Appeal

Cedar siding shingles have that old-world-meets-modern feel that few roofing materials can replicate. A wood shingle roof increases the value of your house, which serves as both an aesthetic asset and a long term investment.

Environmental Responsibility

When you choose cedar roof shingles, you can rest assured that your material was harvested ethically. Every step leading to the cedar shingles was accomplished in a way that supports the integrity of the forest and its ecosystem.

Installing cedar roof shingles will create a renewable resource that improves your home’s sustainability performance. The natural insulating qualities of cedar will reduce the amount of energy needed to warm or cool your home.


Because your home is one of your most valuable investments, a cedar roof will guarantee long-term performance Cedar is naturally insect-resistant, which enables it to maintain its exceptional quality for over 50 years. Minor periodic maintenance measures can stretch the lifespan of your wood shingles even longer. This lightweight, yet durable, the material is ideal for areas that have variable weather since cedar can withstand wind, rain, snow, and climatic changes.

Direct Cedar Supplies understands that quality house siding is an important investment to add value and functionality, insulating your homes and buildings. We welcome your inquiries to allow us to give you the best advice for replacement, maintenance, and suggestions for coatings and further treatments for your cedar shake siding. Our website has been designed for your convenience to inform you of what the best options are in roofing and siding, and once you are satisfied, you can conveniently order any quantities you need. Your siding is shipped using reputable shipping companies to your desired locations nationwide.