Western Red Cedar, 18″ #1 Grade Perfection Shingles

Project Description

For customers that want the natural beauty of a wood roof, with a smooth, clean look, Perfection Shingles are an excellent choice. Aside from the obvious benefits of Western Red Cedar’s natural rot resistance, long live and beauty, Perfection Shingles also have the advantage of superior resistance to wind. As these 18″ shingles are installed at a 5″ exposure, installation of these shingles is referred to as a “3 Ply” system, meaning there is always 3 shingles between the elements and your roof deck. It is for this reason that the #1 Grade Perfection Shingle is the shingle of choice for customers that live with strong winds, such as in the Caribbean or in the South Pacific. Give us a call today at 1-877-850-1767 with any questions, or for a no hassle quote!